We partner with brands and artists to create incredible content. Our roster boasts a plethora of talented directors, photographers, producers, editors, 3-D and graphics artists who collaborate in unison to complete projects skillfully & efficiently.

Team Roster


Artist/ Client:



Director/EP: @jmp
Supervising Producer: @joeyszela
1st AD: @indian_the_great_one
Art Director: @captaingogo
DP: @franklinspov
Technocrane Operator: @dir.ever
1st AC: @snakes.0
2nd AC: @julian_crist
Gaffer: @orlandoa.gonzalez
Key Grip: Ernesto Quintana
BB: Willian Diaz
BBG: Alberto Larotonda
Casting: Copelan @espritcasting
Associate Producer: @hoodesigns
PA: Cam G
Creative Consulting: @orlandito
Editor: @rfxmedia
Colorist: @cameronmarygold
Title Design: @jakecaggige
VFX: @rfxmedia
Production Company: @paperwork